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About TJGF


Mission of TJGF


          As the Thailand Junior Golf Federations ( TJGF) appreciates energetic youths who are aspired by golf, we provide competitive opportunities widely for junior golfers to explore and develop their own grips with high standards of integrity and traditions of golf game.  Annually, TJGC organizes 8 – 10 events of golf competitions for junior golfers in every class.



  1. To promote and support junior golf in Thailand thru our junior challenge tours.
  2. To support Thai junior golfers to develop their competitive skills forward to high profile international matches.
  3. To develop competitive skills and expertness of golf game among junior golfers.
  4. To raise and improve ethic, integrity and performance standards among the junior golfers.
  5. To promote health worthy and nutrition concerns among junior golfers.
  6. To build and encourage time-spent effectiveness among youths thru the golf game.

Background and rewards of the Thailand Junior Golf Federations ( TJGF)


Thailand Junior Golf Federations ( TJGF) was founded in February 1992. The first chairman was General Channarong Roschan.  The development of the Thailand Junior Golf Federations during 1992- present was presented into 2 periods.


The first period: During the year 1992-1997. To be members of the TJGF, qualified golfers must be Thai national junior golfers, with ranking from 1st to 5th in the tournament of the Thailand Golf Association (TGA), and invited by the committees of TJGC. The tournament events were held every 2 months with at least 50 junior golfers attended each event.


The second period:  From the year 1997 onwards. The committees decided to emphasize on social awareness and renown due to the increasing of junior golfers who sought opportunities to attend this high profile tournaments.  Therefore, TJGF challenge tournaments has been opened wide to every eligible junior golfers since then and the number of junior golfers has been increasing and attracting more than 150 golfers to participate in each tournament.


Since 2000, the TJGF has organized the tournament for the junior golfers from 8 years old and below which has been successfully responded and satisfied by many parents and junior golfers. At least 25 junior golfers attend to the match for this class.


During June 2000, the TJGF golfers had a chance to participate in Junior World 2000 Tournament, at San Diego, USA. Our junior golfer won the 1st runner up from the youngest class.


From this memorable event, many rising stars were born in TJGF and these junior golfers were renowned and brought dignity and reputation to themselves, their families, schools and their homeland.


The impressive rewards of TJGF

1. August 1999:      Sea Games in Brunei: Golden Award for women golfers (team)

                             1. Miss Rasamee Kalayanamitra

                             2. Miss Jaruwan Kalayanamitra

                             3. Miss Ornarin Sattayabunpot



    August 1999:       Sea Games in Brunei: Silver Award for men golfers (team)

                             1. Mr. Prome Meesawas

                             2. Mr. Ronachai Jamnong

                             3. Mr. Attaphon Pathumanee


During the year 2000, the Thailand Golf Association (TGA) qualified 12 golfers for the Thailand national team and all of the qualified golfers were absolutely from TJGF.


Officially, golf has been collected into the athletic competitions among schools, which were held by Athletic division of Education Ministry, since 2000.  With high performance records, TJGF was selected to pilot the schools golf tournament project and cooperated among private and government organizations.  This event has brought highly success and pride to the TJGF to be in the front row of Thailand golf organizers.


In 2001, Asia-Pacific Junior Golfers Association, including of Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sarawak, and Guam, nominated TJGF as the host of 2nd Asia-Pacific Junior Open 2001, held at the Rose Garden Country Resort Club, Nakhon Prathom, during April 17 – 20, 2001.


With highly commitment, TJGF dedicates to develop and elevate Thai junior golfers to stand on the first row in junior Asia tournaments.  The club has provided scholars for Thai junior golfers to join the international matches consistently.  The outstanding outcomes we proudly present are as followings;



  1.  August 1999:  Malaysia Junior Match Play Golf Championship 1999 at Malaysia 

    winner :  Mr. Supachet  Mingmuang



  1. January 2000:  Asia Pacific Junior Open 2000 at  Philippines     

        Age 13- 17 years (female) First runner  up       Miss Titiya  Prueksathaporn

          Age 13-14  years (male)   Second runner up    Master  Kamomkrich  Trakoolchang

          Age 12 years and below (female) Winner         Master Sukinthorn   Sansradee

          Age  11-12 years (male)   Winner                   Master Ratthaphum   Jittathorn


          Overall Winner:       Master Chinnarat  Padungsil 

          Winner (team)

      1.Mr. Pariya  Chunhasawasdikul

          2.Mr.Kamomkrich  Trakoolchang

          3.Mr.Panuwat  Muenlek

          4.Mr.Veera   Sarpjarean


          Special  class :   Winner:    Mr. Vitthavat  Saeueng

           Age 13-15  years (male)   Winner  Mr. Noppakorn  Suvanich

           Age 16-18  years  (male)  Winner  Mr. Pariya  Chunhasawasdikul


  1. April  2000 “Sarawak International  Junior Golf Championship 2000” at  Malaysia

    Special Class (female)  First runner up :  Miss Chataya  Chanachai

     Class A (female)      Winner :                 Miss Ornnarin  Sattayabunpot

     Class B (female)         Winner :              Miss Sirikarn   Rungsang

     Class B (male)    Second runner up:       Master Kamomkrich  Trakoolchang

     Class C (female)       Winner:                 Master Chantima  Kalyanamitta

     Class C (female )  First  runner up:        Master Teeranun  Yeupan

     Class C (male)       Winner      :             Master Chinnarat  Padungsil

     Class C (male )  Second runner up :       Master Saksun  Kungwarnjit 

     Class D (female)    Winner     :               Master Sukintorn  Sansradee

     Class D (female)  First  runner up:          Master Leuthairat  Trakulchang

     Class D (male)       Winner    :               Master Anujit  Hirunrattanakorn

     Class D (male) Second runner up:          Master Pravit  Tangkamonprasert


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